Proof the new world order & Illuminati is real!

Even if there is an official list of members of the illuminati , yet there are strong indications that some people from the list even belong to this powerful organization that leads the world in shadow. Contrary to the idea that the Illuminati would act only in America or in the West, are members of [...]

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Miley Cyrus, Illuminati ?

We all know certain pop stars are rumoured to be  linked to the Illuminati, perhaps they have been tempted by the allure of fame and fortune, but Miley ? she s always had it…why would she get involved now ? Miley Cyrus, Illuminati? Part of a Satanic Cult? | End Time Bible … Mon, [...]

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Why People Are Killing Friends & Pets To Join The Illuminati

Incredibly, around the world young people are being told their life will improve, they will be rich and famous,and will become a member of the  Illuminati, all they have to do is  kill a friend or pet!..crazy? well it is happening.. Sickness: people are killing their pets, their friends and their … http://www.orlytaitzesq.com9/14/13 … 4 [...]

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Paris Jackson Reveals She Knows About The Illuminati

It appears Paris Jackson has been doing a bit of research on the Illuminati, probably because of her fathers supposed unwanted and publicly denounced ties to them, she’s a smart girl way beyond her years..

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Facebook and the Illuminati, is there a connection ?

The connection between Facebook, and founder Mark zuckerberg has been explored recently, and not surprisingly there is a lot of Illuminati symbolism in and around the whole Facebook organisation. Did Zuckerberg sell out to the Illuminati for fame and fortune, or was he given special knowledge to attain his status? Either way, it looks suspicious.

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Illuminati, Bilderberg, New World Order, its all the same

As it becomes more apparent that a select few control every aspect of our lives you may ask “who are they?” well, reality is they are are the same people and members of different organisations with different names.

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Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA

Discover how the highest ranks of the masons, including 33 degree mason  George H W Bush had an involvement in the NASA moon landings, why they wanted to go there and what they covered up. Great reading.. Richard C Hoagland on the Alex Jones Show Dark Mission pt1

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21 goals of the Illuminati with Prof Griff

In an amazing interview with Professor Griff, a member of the hip hop group Public Enemy and head of the Security of the First World. He  talks about the 21 goals of the Illuminati and aspects of the the Secret Covenant. Some say there are 13 masons that have a higher level of masonary than 33 levels [...]

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Michael Jackson & the Illuminati specualtions

Even three years after Michael Jacksons death, the questions about his involvement with the Illuminati continue, or perhaps that should be their involvement with him as it appears he was an unwilling participant in the whole affair. Much has been written and many documentaries made with telling interviews of Michael himself confirming that there was [...]

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Is Taylor Swift the new pin-up girl for the Illuminati ?

In an article on, the blatant Illuminati symbolism in Taylor Swifts Brit Awards performance is exposed. Taylor Swift at the Brit Awards: Yet Another Illuminati Ritual for the Masses “For the 2013 Brit Awards, Swift brought back that same symbolism as she performed again her single I Knew You Were Trouble. While the setting of the performance was [...]

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