Illuminati Banking system Control

Did you know, that from 2008 to 2009 that national debt spiked up by $2 trillion to $12 trillion dollars. This is the single largest increase in a year. If every American man, woman, and child liquidated every asset they owned it still would not equal the amount of our nations debt.

Politicians, and talking heads in the media try to comfort the masses that our debt will be resolved by more government action and spending,  how we got into this mess and who are the major players profiting from it all. I can tell you it has been orchestrated by the banking elite (Illuminati).

I know from my own research that our system of banking and government finance creates money from nothing (fiat currency) that must be paid back with interest. The banks, international corporations, and politicians benefit, from the fiat cash machine, but the average working American is burdened with paying the interest and principal of this fiat money. An impossible situation when the printed money supply can’t catch up to the total volume of fiat principal and accumulation of made-up interest on top of made-up interest that banks and the Federal Reserve pile on the average working American.

This is why we have a failed economy, high unemployment and a high foreclosure rate, what you must realise is that is what they want, they want to control your lives and the best way to do this is by controling the cash in your pocket.

Watch the video below and  you will never trust your political leaders, banks, and international corporations when they try to sell you their latest spin.


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