The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction. Mark Dice

Mark Dice is an expert on the occult and secret societies. One of his gifts is his ability to articulate esoteric mystical and spiritual ideas to those unfamiliar with such material and he is the author of several books on secret societies and conspiracy theories, including The New World Order: Facts & Fiction.

The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction is a larger expose’ of a topic discussed in Mark’s previous book: The Resistance Manifesto. Inhis latest book,  Mark Dice shows brilliant insight into the goals (past, present, and future) of the Illuminati.

He even covers the largely un-discussed “mystery religion”, and supports all of his material with sources from this, as well as centuries past. The book is a very easy read, with much of the information on the Illuminati finally collaborated into one source. The book also offers summaries of previous books and films relavent to the topic. This is exceptionally helpful when trying to expand your knowledge of the subject.

The only downside, is the opinionated views expressed in regards to the “screw ball” conspiracy theorists, that seem biased and do not adequately represent the full scope of their careers/messages. (i.e. William Cooper and David Icke) While I personally disagree with him on that area, and feel it is devisive. The material contained is too important and very well sourced. If you want to know the true agenda behind past and present political events, or Illuminati’s push for global governance, you must read this text. It is easily categorized and would make for an excellent reference piece.

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