BP Oil Spill Conspiracy

We all know that the BP oil spill in the gulf of mexico in 2010 was one of the greatest man-made disasters in history, but most are unaware of the events leading up to the accident, and the cover up that has been taking place ever since.

BP has mislead and lied about the incident, and continues to do so today, their agenda being..we can make more money cleaning up the oil than we can by pumping it !! The truth is BP has a major part in cleaning up the mess, owning a subsidiary company that supplies the (poisonous) chemicals for the clean up.

The company contracted for the clean up was in fact bought by oil industry giant Halliburton 11 days prior to the spill !! On September 8, 2010, an internal report released by BP into the Deepwater Horizon Incident claimed that poor practices of Halliburton staff had contributed to the disaster. Investigations carried out by the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling found that Halliburton was jointly at fault along with BP and Transocean for the spill. The cement that Halliburton used was an unstable mixture, and eventually caused hydrocarbons to leak into the well, eventually causing the explosion that started the crisis.

The CEO of BP, and other major investment broker firms with undeniable links to all the power families in the world suspiciously sold large chunks of their stock in BP weeks before the spill !

The BP oil spill conspiracy will be talked about for years to come, and Jesse Ventura has made an expose on the whole story and his findings will astound you, watch the full video below.

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