Michael Jackson & the Illuminati specualtions

Even three years after Michael Jacksons death, the questions about his involvement with the Illuminati continue, or perhaps that should be their involvement with him as it appears he was an unwilling participant in the whole affair. Much has been written and many documentaries made with telling interviews of Michael himself confirming that there was indeed a link – as we see with so many celebrities to this day.

Drawn together exposes the illuminati – Heal the world

This blog is dedicated to Michael Jackson . A man who tried to heal the world and was killed by the illuminati . The illuminati is the one poisoning the world ! I made this blog to spread awareness and culture !

Michael Jackson’s Illuminati sacrifice case continues

Michael Jackson’s death is full of odd circumstances and rumors of Illuminati involvement. His doctor attempted CPR on the bed, which anyone with CPR training can tell you is pointless since you’d have a difficult time

Illuminati murdered Michael Jackson FULL Version-They made him white with drugs

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