Why People Are Killing Friends & Pets To Join The Illuminati

Incredibly, around the world young people are being told their life will improve, they will be rich and famous,and will become a member of the  Illuminati, all they have to do is  kill a friend or pet!..crazy? well it is happening..

Sickness: people are killing their pets, their friends and their


http://www.infowars.com/kill-a-family-member-to-join-the-illuminati/ 4 Responses to “Sickness: people are killing their pets, their friends and their relatives in order to join illuminati”. Adrian Marcato September 14th, 2013 

This Is Not How You Join The Illuminati | Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist


As the Supreme High Commander of the Illuminati, I have to deliver the following message. Recently, a would be rapper shot his friend as a blood sacrifice in an attempt to joint the Illuminati. This is not how you join the 

Rapper Allegedly Tried To Sacrifice Friend To Join The Illuminati


Yohance Kyles allhiphop.com. March 20, 2013. Aspiring emcees are always looking for effective angles to rise higher in the industry, but one Virginia rapper’s approach may put him behind bars instead of in front of the lights.


Aspiring rapper arrested for trying to kill his friend as a sacrifice to the Illuminati, believing it would make him rich and famous.

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